Surf Wagon, 1964 by Al Satterwhite


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“On a hot summer Florida day I was driving to meet a friend at Pass-a-Grille Beach when I spotted a group of teens and their cars hanging out by the water’s edge. As a staff photographer for the St. Petersburg Times, I always had my Nikon cameras at hand so I stopped, curious to see what the kids were doing, especially since it was illegal to drive on the beach in that area.

The teens had spent the day surfing and were loading an already overburdened station wagon with surfboards. There was barely enough room for the driver to sit behind the steering wheel. There was no way anyone else, let alone ten teens, could fit in the car. The teens didn’t give the space challenge a second thought. They just hopped up on the roof of the car and they went on their merry way, driving illegally on the beach. I had to admire them. 

I managed to fire off 3 frames before they got out of range, where they were immediately stopped by a police officer. I walked up to where the cop was telling them what they were doing was illegal and they needed to get off the beach with their car. I guess he, too, saw the innocent frivolity in the teens, and didn’t write them a ticket. I was glad. It would have turned a glorious day sour. 

The greatest moments for a photographer are never planned. This image is one of those moments for me. My walls at home are covered in prints by other photographers I admire. This is one of the few prints of mine that grace my home. Seeing it every day brings me back to that moment, and I smile.” - Al Satterwhite

Archival Pigment Print - Hand signed

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© Al Satterwhite. All rights reserved. Not to be reproduced without permission


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Acid free backing board - 8-ply 100% Cotton rag matboard - Museum grade non-reflective plexiglass - Black stained ash hardwood frame