Faye Dunaway, Beverly Hills Hotel, CA, 1977 by Terry O'Neill


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Terry O'Neill, the legendary British photographer, was assigned to cover the 1977 Oscars for People Magazine. He was specifically tasked with photographing Faye Dunaway, who won Best Actress for her performance in “Network.” Instead of photographing the glamor of a young actress after her first oscar win, O’Neill knew that “the real story is the next day, when they realize suddenly they’re getting all these offers to do films, their value goes from $100,000 to $10 million, and they’re just sort of stunned. I wanted to capture that.”

O’Neill requested that Dunaway show up to the Beverly Hills Hotel pool at 6 A.M. in her pajamas, and he set up the breakfast tray and newspapers, atop which sat her Oscar. O’Neill and Dunaway later married, in 1983, and stayed together until 1987. Reflecting on this image, O’Neill referred to it as “one of the most Hollywood pictures of all time."

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