Duffy began his career in fashion design and illustration before transitioning into photography. He started working at British Vogue in 1957, where his avant-garde style was instrumental in pushing the magazine to remain relevant during the teenage revolution.

Duffy was a key player in redefining the aesthetic of the "swing sixties" and redefining the position of a photographer as a celebrity themselves. He shot numerous iconic images in the sixties and seventies, including three David Bowie album covers. Most notably, he designed, shot and named Bowie's album cover "Aladdin Sane" which went on to become a cultural icon.

He shot multiple award winning and groundbreaking advertising campaigns and was a regular contributor to multiple publications, such as The Observer, The Sunday Times and The Telegraph.

A documentary of his life and work, "The Man Who Shot the Sixties", was released by BBC in 2009 and multiple books have been published documenting the many iconic phases of his career. 

He was named one of the "100 Most Influential Photographers of All Time" by British Journal Photography and his works have been displayed in galleries worldwide. 

*Duffy prints are offered as estate stamped editions. Select photographs are available as limited edition hand signed prints. The value of hand signed prints has significantly increased as their editions sell. To purchase a limited edition hand signed print, please inquire with us for availability and pricing. 

The hand signed prints are signed on the front and each print is embossed with the Duffy Archive Estate Stamp. The estate stamped prints are numbered and also carry the embossed Duffy Archive Estate Stamp on the front and are signed on the back by Duffy's son, Chris Duffy. These prints were issued after Duffy’s passing in 2010.*