Established in June of 1998, Mr Musichead was the first institution in Los Angeles devoted exclusively to the art and visual history of music. The gallery started as a 200 square foot storefront in the heart of the Melrose Shopping District.

We are now located in the landmark Valdez Guitar Factory building, across the street from Guitar Center on Sunset Boulevard’s Rockin’ Row. Not only do we offer a vast space to showcase the world‘s largest collection of rock photography, music-related fine art, and all things music history, but we’re also host to praiseworthy concerts, lectures, and book signings!

Our gallery specializes in a finely-curated selection of artwork from every genre of music. Mr Musichead’s inventory of fine art includes everything from original photography, paintings, drawings, sculpture, and mixed media, as well as limited edition silkscreen prints and vintage concert posters.

Our team prides themselves on their expertise in the fields of music and fine art, which has allowed us to shape a selective roster of over 60 world-class artists, both long-renowned and emerging. Our constantly evolving collection celebrates both contemporary art and the hidden gems picked from an artist’s lifetime body of work.

Whether our clients are looking to acquire a small artwork, a gift, or an ultra-rare, one of a kind piece, we offer a jewel for every collection!

In this age of online images and mass-produced collectibles, our gallery doesn’t just offer products; we believe that any artwork purchased from us will become part of a fine art collection that our clients will enjoy for the rest of their lives.

Musichead Manifesto

We believe there is no greater unifier than music. We believe in the power of music to help us reach our highest highs, and pull us up from our lowest lows. We believe everyone deserves access to the arts - a human right we all share. We believe in unearthing and creating art, no matter who you are or what language you speak. We believe music is the international language. We believe Music is an essential part of life. We believe everyone’s a Musichead.