Hayato Takano

Hayato Takano got his career start while he was still a teenager. In 2002,  he transitioned into collage art, making a piece for his then-girlfriend, who is today his wife. 

A poor music student in Los Angeles at the time, Hayato used torn sheet music as material for the piece out of necessity and stumbled into a lifelong passion for the medium.

In September 2016, Hayato put on his first major art exhibition, at Mr Musichead Gallery. His work was featured in the book Making the Cut, Vol 1 the World's Best Collage Artist in February 2017, and later that month, a piece of his was featured in the Grammy's Charity Event. 

Hayato was featured in an interview with BBC News in March of 2017, and that April was one of the 236 finalists of 4207 for Art Revolution Taipei, where he won the Chairman's Award.

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