Barns Courtney, Los Angeles, 2017 by Paige Sara


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"I met Barns for the first time about an hour before this image was shot, but our creative connection was electric from the very beginning. Barns was up for anything despite the fact that he had a broken leg at the time. He was staying at a dive-y motel in Hollywood where we shot and at the end of the shoot, he agreed to let us wrap his cast in plastic and duct tape so we could shoot in the pool. It was such a fun and dynamic moment for me to capture. Immediately this image became a standout in my portfolio and in his album campaign. It was used by Rolling Stone, shown on late night TV shows, and remains one of my favorite portraits to date." -- Paige Sara

Hand signed

8" x 10" - Open Edition

11" x 14" - Edition of 20

16" x 20" - Edition of 25

© Paige SaraAll rights reserved. Not to be reproduced without permission

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Acid free backing board - UV protection plexiglass - Black wood frame

Acid free backing board - 8-ply 100% Cotton rag matboard - Museum grade non-reflective plexiglass - Black stained ash hardwood frame