Jam: Photographs by Jay Blakesberg (Hardcover)


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JAM is an exhilarating photographic journey thru the contemporary landscape of improvisational rock and roll. Starting with the forefathers of psychedelic rock The Grateful Dead, it features over 300 photos of artists, tracing the family tree to artists like Phish, The Dave Matthews Band, Widespread Panic, and many others. Additionally, this journey illustrates the deep-rooted relationship of the jam world with the folk and bluegrass communities, including artists such as Gillian Welch, Del McCoury, and Emmylou Harris. Featuring pioneers Sonic Youth, Pavement, Radiohead, and others, JAM touches on the parallels and similarities with the indie rock world. Large scale multi-day festivals in the US have taken all these genres of music and blended them together in to a space where Bruce Springsteen can jam with Phish, and the fans don't even question how or why, but just bask in the uniqueness and glory of 'the jam.'

216 Pages

12" x 2" x 10"