Aladdin Sane 50 Years by Chris Duffy (HARDCOVER)


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9.1 x 1 x 11.1 inches

256 pages

On the fiftieth anniversary of David Bowie’s magical album, Aladdin Sane 50 is the ultimate celebration of a musical masterpiece – and the most famous photograph in pop history.

This landmark book contains hundreds of photographs, including dozens of David from the Aladdin Sane session that have never been seen until now, fifty years since they were taken.

Aladdin Sane 50 also features essays by renowned experts and authors Paul Morley, Charles Shaar Murray, Nicholas Pegg, Kevin Cann, Jérôme Soligny and Geoffrey Marsh on Bowie’s remarkable album and the story behind the famous cover.

In a breathtaking package designed by long-time Bowie collaborators Barnbrook creative studio, Aladdin Sane 50 pays tribute to a seminal album and an iconic image, one that will live forever more in rock ‘n’ roll history.

Chris Duffy is a photographer, CEO of the Duffy Archive and son of photographer Duffy, the man who captured the Aladdin Sane image. Chris has photographed music icons including David Bowie, Adam Ant, Steve Strange and Spandau Ballet. He continues to promote Duffy’s work on a world stage, and is a well-regarded speaker and regular contributor to Bowie events and conventions.