David Bowie, Aladdin Sane Contact Sheet Demi, Eyes Open, 1973 by Brian Duffy


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Nine images taken during the same session that Duffy shot with Bowie in 1973 arranged around the iconic Aladdin Sane Album cover image. The contact sheet reveals David's permanently dilated left eye. One of his most recognizable features gifted to him by lifelong friend George Underwood in 1962 during a fight over a girl.

Each limited edition photograph has an accompanying certificate which describes the photographic paper and size, the print number, and the size of the edition. All prints are signed and authenticated on the rear by Chris Duffy. 

Silver gelatin prints are all personally printed by Chris Duffy, who worked as Duffy's printer and assistant from 1973 to 1980 before launching his own photographic career. 

All archival pigment ink prints are printed on Archival Pigment Ink Fuji Baryte 310 gram paper. 

15" x 15" image size - Edition of 200 / Estate stamped

20" x 20" image size - Edition of 150 / Estate stamped

24" x 24" image size - Edition of 100 / Estate stamped

40" x 40" image size - Edition of 50 / Estate stamped

Photo Duffy © Duffy Archive & The David Bowie Archive™. All rights reserved. Not to be reproduced without permission

Acid free backing board - UV protection plexiglass - Black wood frame

Acid free backing board - 8-ply 100% Cotton rag matboard - Museum grade non-reflective plexiglass - Black stained ash hardwood frame