Sam, Josh & Jake Greta Van Fleet, Antwerp, 2019 by Paige Sara


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"On tour with Greta Van Fleet in Antwerp, I was totally fixated on the restrooms backstage. Something about the red tiles and symmetry felt so cinematic, like a scene out of “The Shining”. All day, I had been talking about wanting to shoot something interesting there, so after the band got offstage, I made the Kiszka brothers take some quick portraits. It was a tricky thing to figure out how to place all three guys in frame and keep the visual balance without being seen in the mirror, but we ended up with one of the most unique backstage shots I’ve ever taken." -- Paige Sara

Hand signed

8" x 10" - Edition of 15

11" x 14" - Edition of 10

16" x 20" - Edition of 5

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